Sorry for the delay with the reply.

As I see the PDF has been generated from a blank HTML document.

What is confusing, is that the PDF generation parameters

[language=java:wjqpokp9]% PD4ML version: 381fx1
% JDK version: 1.6.0_31
% OS version: Windows 7 6.1
% File encoding: Cp1252
% size: java.awt.Dimension[width=595,height=842]
% insets: java.awt.Insets[top=28,left=28,bottom=28,right=28]
% htmlWidth: 780
% call with URL[/language:wjqpokp9]

does not correspond API calls in test.java file you sent.

First I would make sure the Win7 workstation can establish an outgoing HTTP connection to google.com (or to other HTML source) and there is no firewall/proxy in-between.