I created an HTML with 3 text input fields: t1, t2 and t3.


Hockey is among the
sports, having made its first appearance at the 1908 London Games.


Added 3 PD4ML API calls:

[language=java:rrtngbnu]pd4ml.addDocumentActionHandler(“OpenAction”, “this.getField('t1').value ='OpenAction'; app.alert('OpenAction');”);
pd4ml.addDocumentActionHandler(“WS”, “this.getField('t2').value ='WS'; app.alert('WS');”);
pd4ml.addDocumentActionHandler(“DS”, “this.getField('t3').value ='DS'; app.alert('DS');”);[/language:rrtngbnu]

Result of a saving of the document is predictable: only t1 and t2 fields are filled. See attached.

However it is some strange: both WS and DS alerts are popped up after I pressed Save of a SaveFile dialog.