Unfortunately PD4ML does not support SVG graphics. SVG format is comparable by complexity to PDF itself and a fair implementation of SVG support module is not a trivial task.

We considered to use open-source SVG renderers, but were not satisfied with the existing libraries.

We are trying to keep PD4ML compact and performant, so we do not use general-purpose XML parsers, HTML code normalizers etc. Everything we use is custom developed (parsers, for example, with JavaCC) and specialized for HTML rendering and PDF output. As a result we have only 2 JARs, 635KB in size.

An adding of bulky 12MB of Batik (an open-source SVG library) just to support a single image format, was unacceptable from our perspective.

Nevertheless the SVG support is still in our TODO list. Most probably we’ll implement a plugable interface for vector graphics writers and an optional Batik-interface module is going to be an implementation of it.