1. htmlWidth is a conversion parameter. If you change it for particular conversion call – it impacts the only conversion result. If you change it for all conversions (permanently in your agent code, for example) – it will impact all conversions.

In principle, you may measure the document right side edge with a fake conversion call (http://pd4ml.com/cookbook/pd4ml_conversion_status.htm ) and if it exceeds the default htmlWidth – increase its value.

Another approach would be to limit generated HTML width in XSL. Currently it is set to stretchable value “100%”. Set it absolute in “px”, more-less matching your htmlWidth parameter value.


Page $[page] of $[total]

If the document has, for example, an image, which is wider than the table width/htmlWidth – the trick do not help.

2. DXL format (especially its embedded objects, like bitmaps, attachments, mime-messages) is not well-documented. We workaround problems, learning them by example, but unfortunately we cannot be sure we covered all the species of DXL’s MIME format. In the particular case you faced with something, that does not match the patterns we worked on.