> Is it possible to change PDF Producer and Application fields in PDF while converting web page to PDF using your library

You may override the values with “pd4ml.creator.application” and “pd4ml.producer.application” environment variables. For example with JVM command line parameter:


We would appreciate if you keep at least one of the fields in the resulting PDF documents with the default PD4ML value.

> about 70% web pages look different than original

It may sound strange, but PD4ML is not intended for web sites conversion. Modern web sites are full of dynamic content, built with Javascript, XSL, DOM etc. There is no way to support everything in Java application without a significant loss of performance.

PD4ML implements its own HTML rendering engine, optimized for PDF output. It allows you to define PDF templates and make your applications PDF-enabled with ease using a simple markup language everybody knows – HTML.

If you need to get perfect HTML-to-PDF web site conversion I would recommend you to use one of virtual print drivers, which capture print output and convert it to PDF on the fly. Or to use some HTML-to-PDF coverters, built on Mozilla or MS IE HTML rendering components. The soutions are good for single user usage. But if you need to create a web application with PDF output functionality, a solution based on the native HTML renderer (Mozilla or MS IE) is absolutely unacceptable: any failure in the native DLL crashes the JVM and application server. Here is the major advantage of PD4ML – it is 100% Java and any exception in it is harmless for the virtual machine itself.