@PD4ML wrote:

I reviewed a number of TTFs with “Character Map” Windows utility, and it seems #9723 (U+25FB) glyph is quite rare in TTFs. I have only found it in DejaVu family of fonts.

So try to modify the font-family directive like that:
“font-family: Verdana,Geneva,’DejaVu Sans’,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif”

(Make sure DejaVu font is installed and indexed, and do not forget to substitute ‘=’ with ‘:’ in the property definition)

Thanks, my bad for using a = instead of a :.

I’am using the pd4fonts.properties file for loading all the fonts in the windows/fonts directory, but now I want to load this extra font DejaVu Sans from a different directory. We install our program by scripts and installing a font in windows could be a hassle especially if it would require admin-right to modify the fonts in windows.
So do you perhaps got some tips for configuring a extra font in our own folder, or an easy way to install the script in Windows.

As a feature request it would be nice if pd4ml would fallback to a own font that contains all symbols instead off printing a questionmark. If i’m not mistaken it’s what the browser are already doing.