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    I am unable display the Greek letters θ, ß in the generated PDF
    I had tried with both Unicode, ASCII codesi in Java, but the same codes are getting displayed in the generated PDF.

    What is the solution to display the Greek letters in the generated PDF?


    You need to utilize TTF Embedding feature of PD4ML Pro



    in my case i have one page starts with header and footer i fixed correctly but center part i am taking the datas dynamically it means data will increase automatically that time i need to fix the table size it means balanced data should go automatically that time i cant able to control center part table size .

    Problem 1 : at same time second page i need to print header for center part table heading
    Problem 2 : i fixed size of footer at first page some time footer part data will increase that time footer is moving forward to top that time center part will go next page
    How to solve this problem can you guide me pls


    Please correct if I am wrong:

    Your document has a table, which at some condition can exceed the available page space, so some part of the table wraps to the next page.

    Each table part needs to have a header and footer rows.

    If I understand you correctly, there is only a partial solution for the issue.

    pd4ml.enableSmartTableBreaks(true) forces PD4ML to replicate table headers to each page the table needs/allocates. “Table header” is a row or many rows consist of

    tags only.

    Unfortunately there is no way to to the trick with a kind of table footer.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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