Hi! I’ve found our reply to your original email request. For some reason it did not reach your mailbox. So I am copying it here. (and I’ve also resent the email)

> I’m looking for more informations about pd4ml lib.
> I’m developper and need to convert html into rtf, I wanted to know first if you have a product
> that answers only to this need.

PD4ML is designed as HTML to PDF converter, but it also includes features to convert HTML to raster images and to RTF. There is no RTF-only PD4ML product.

> Then about pd4ml, I wanted to clarify some points please.
> 1. Does the licence is one shot (I mean lifetime) ?

The license is perpetual, but its maintenance (email support / software updates) is limited by 3 months (single licenses) or one year (DevSite aka Volume licenses).

> 2. If my company use only one application, with a single deployement but allocated between different servers
> (to optimize the charge) is the Pro licence enough ?

For the scenario you can use one of the DevSite licenses (does not limit you in a number of deployments) or a number of single licenses, match the number of deployments to online productive nodes (however it is a question what is “online productive” in cluster or cloud environments).

As you are not interested in the specific PDF output features, it makes no sense for you to order DMS or UA software versions: PD4ML PRO is sufficient.

So here is the pricing for the PRO:

one PD4ML Pro single license / 3 month maintenance: 160 EUR
PD4ML Pro DevSite license / 1 year maintenance: 1400 EUR