Hi! It is a really unexpected request. An active maintenance period of PD4ML licenses offers an access to all historical versions of PD4ML software, but as I can see the oldest version available for download online is v2.1.0.

We can scan our archives for older versions, but I am not sure it makes any practical sense. The v1.x versions were based on the very limited HTMLEditorKit HTML renderer, which is (or was) a part of JDK and most probably it utilized some version specific features of JDK1.2-1.3.

I would suspect you wrongly identified a PD4ML version you actually need. Can you please explain why from your perspective you need “v1.1” and how you determined it is “v1.1”.

BTW: you can always determine actually used PD4ML version in a generated PDF file: open it in Acrobat reader and inspect the document properties “Creator” or “Producer”