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    We want to buy the PD4ML version 1.1, can we still buy it now?


    Hi! It is a really unexpected request. An active maintenance period of PD4ML licenses offers an access to all historical versions of PD4ML software, but as I can see the oldest version available for download online is v2.1.0.

    We can scan our archives for older versions, but I am not sure it makes any practical sense. The v1.x versions were based on the very limited HTMLEditorKit HTML renderer, which is (or was) a part of JDK and most probably it utilized some version specific features of JDK1.2-1.3.

    I would suspect you wrongly identified a PD4ML version you actually need. Can you please explain why from your perspective you need “v1.1” and how you determined it is “v1.1”.

    BTW: you can always determine actually used PD4ML version in a generated PDF file: open it in Acrobat reader and inspect the document properties “Creator” or “Producer”


    We have an old software that uses PD4ML v1.1. We want to deploy this software to another subsidiary, so we want to purchase a new license for PD4ML v1.1. Or is there a PD4ML version that is compatible with PD4ML v1.1?


    > We have an old software that uses PD4ML v1.1

    Most probably “PD4ML v1.1” rather refers not to the software version, but to the PD4ML license agreement text version.

    Please generate a PDF with the old software and check the PDF document properties (“Creator” or “Producer”). I expect to see there something like v3


    Maybe you are right. The version message I received was “PD4ML Java Site DMS/SRC License”, version 1.1 “. But I can’t generate PDF with the old software at the moment.


    Ok, that is also helpful.

    “DMS” keyword refers to a capability to produce PDF/A documents for long term electronic document archiving. The feature is available in PD4ML only since v3.

    All range of PD4ML v3 versions is available for download and we still maintain the v3 development branch


    I got it, I tried to get the correct version.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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