Since we get no log messages at all and no timeout, my colleague has run a dtruss (a sort of strace for mac) to see what system calls we can see.

It reads images but doesn’t then seem to do anything with them.
It appears to stop after looking for PD4CanvasHandler.class. This has something to do with Rhino as you can see from the following link, but this may not be significant, because presumably it should just look for the class and not worry if it doesn’t find it.


Perhaps we should send you a trace. If this might be useful can you tell us where to send it? We will try to make it as clean and concise as possible.

We also tried just increasing memory for Tomcat, but to no avail.
As I think I mentioned in another post, our production server, which runs on open BSD with the same maven configuration, has no problems, so it seems to be a system problem.