I have a similar issue.

My company bought PD4ML v3.93. We still use v.3.85 before.

I changed the version in our application and compared the generated PDFs with v3.85 and v3.93.

The test results were very good expect of two tables. Some rows were positioned in a different way with v3.93 as it was with v3.85.

My HTML analyze showed that these tables with the wrong rendering use the Attribute rowspan extensively compared to the tables showing no rendering problem.

I have a made test cases for you to reproduce this error.

Unfortunately, the email form of the Support Forum does not allow to attach files to this message (or I do not see where I can do this).

Please tell me where I can put these artifacts for you to reproduce.

The following artifacts can be sent from my side:
1. A ZIP file containing the HTML and all referenced files
2. A PDF file rendered by v3.93
3. A PDF file rendered by v3.85

With kind regards,