From PD4ML documentation:

* “pd4ml.disable.external.attachments”
* if “true”, it does not load attachments () from local system and from URL. It does not impact inline-defined attachments.
* @see PD4ML#setDynamicParams(java.util.Map)
public static final String PD4ML_DISABLE_EXTERNAL_ATTACHMENTS = “pd4ml.disable.external.attachments”;[/language:3jrsrudr]

Attachments come from Lotus Notes/Domino XML (DXL) are inline, that is the reason the setting does not disable them by default.

There are workarounds:


PdfAgentR7.java sample code has the following section:

[language=java:3jrsrudr]if ( dontPassAttachmentsToXalan ) {
xml = extractAttachments(xml);

extractAttachments() method extracts inline attachments from DXL, stores them as temporal files and inserts references to the temp files instead on the attachment bodies. In the case PD4ML_DISABLE_EXTERNAL_ATTACHMENTS flag works as expected.

2. Suppress attachments on CSS level:

[language=java:3jrsrudr]pd4ml.addStyle(“pd4ml-attachment {display: none}”, true);[/language:3jrsrudr]

In the case an invoking of extractAttachments() also makes sense, as it prevents bulky base64-encoded attachment data from being passed to XALAN.