The only thing I’m getting regarding the CSS files in debug is the following lines:
version: PD4ML 371b15 Pro
new parse attempt with: UTF8
loading CSS file http://localhost:30303/logeye/css/mainproduct.css?buildNumber=3500
not yet in cache: http://localhost:30303/logeye/css/mainproduct.css?buildNumber=3500
loading CSS file http://localhost:30303/logeye/css/components.css?buildNumber=3500
not yet in cache: http://localhost:30303/logeye/css/components.css?buildNumber=3500
loading CSS file http://localhost:30303/logeye/css/search.css?buildNumber=3500
not yet in cache: http://localhost:30303/logeye/css/search.css?buildNumber=3500

Keep in mind that I do have formatting from the CSS present in the PDF (colors for example). Most of my problems are related to padding and positioning.

Is there an option to hold a short WebEx session to try and isolate the problem?