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    I’m having trouble with the styling of a PDF I generate from HTML.
    When I save the HTML as a file and open it in a browser, it looks good . On the other hand, The PDF that I generate from this HTML string doesn’t look good (mostly in terms of fonts, padding, alignment etc.).
    I believe that I’m not using any special styling in my HTML page.
    Where can be a good starting point to find out what’s causing my PDF not to look good?



    Just publish a sample of your docs here or send to support pd4ml com – we’ll check what is wrong with it.


    What exactly do you want me to publish? HTML? PDF?

    I tried sending an email to before posting here, but the mail bounced…


    HTML, of course. Or both HTML and PDF.

    Is the email bounced by our or your mail server?


    The email bounced at your side.

    I’ve attached the HTML that I render.



    I would suspect the following stylesheets does not load:
    [language=java:1tfbau9i] [/language:1tfbau9i]

    In order to analyze a reason of that, try to enable debug info (pd4ml.enableDebugInfo()) and inspect STDOUT/server’s log


    The only thing I’m getting regarding the CSS files in debug is the following lines:
    version: PD4ML 371b15 Pro
    new parse attempt with: UTF8
    loading CSS file http://localhost:30303/logeye/css/mainproduct.css?buildNumber=3500
    not yet in cache: http://localhost:30303/logeye/css/mainproduct.css?buildNumber=3500
    loading CSS file http://localhost:30303/logeye/css/components.css?buildNumber=3500
    not yet in cache: http://localhost:30303/logeye/css/components.css?buildNumber=3500
    loading CSS file http://localhost:30303/logeye/css/search.css?buildNumber=3500
    not yet in cache: http://localhost:30303/logeye/css/search.css?buildNumber=3500

    Keep in mind that I do have formatting from the CSS present in the PDF (colors for example). Most of my problems are related to padding and positioning.

    Is there an option to hold a short WebEx session to try and isolate the problem?



    Without the styles the HTML appears as a number of text portions, placed to cells of a borderless table. There is no easy way to analyse a correctness of positioning and paddings.

    As I see you use a relatively old version of PD4ML. Give a try to the most recent v381 – probably the issues, you faced with, are already solved.

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