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    Hello PD4ML!

    I met issue when I coverting a lot of file to PDF .First running, it’s very quickly.but when I running again, you know ,it’s slowly.

    my code is in the below

    public class PD4MLUtil {

    protected static int topValue = 10;
    protected static int leftValue = 20;
    protected static int rightValue = 10;
    protected static int bottomValue = 10;
    protected static int userSpaceWidth = 1300;

    * @param in StringReader
    * @param outputPath
    * @throws InvalidParameterException
    * @throws MalformedURLException
    * @throws IOException
    public static void doConversion(StringReader s, String outputPath)
    throws InvalidParameterException, MalformedURLException,
    IOException {
    File output = new File(outputPath);
    FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream(output);

    PD4ML pd4ml = new PD4ML();

    pd4ml.setHtmlWidth(userSpaceWidth); // set frame width of
    // “virtual web browser”

    // choose target paper format and “rotate” it to landscape
    // orientation

    // define PDF page margins
    pd4ml.setPageInsetsMM(new Insets(topValue, leftValue, bottomValue,

    // source HTML document also may have margins, could be suppressed
    // this way
    // (PD4ML *Pro* feature):
    pd4ml.addStyle(“BODY {margin: 0}”, true);

    // If built-in basic PDF fonts are not sufficient or
    // if you need to output non-Latin texts,
    // TTF embedding feature should help (PD4ML *Pro*)
    pd4ml.useTTF(“java:fonts”, true);
    pd4ml.setDefaultTTFs(“Times New Roman”, “Arial”, “Courier New”);
    pd4ml.render(s, fos); // actual document conversion from URL
    //System.out.println(outputPath + “ndone.”);


    my log in the below

    2014-09-18 11:20:05,745 [INFO] ==== ekp_quartz_thread-pool-7-thread-3: com.landray.kmss.sys.lbpmgs.service.imp.SysPdfExecuteTempServiceImp.execute(52)

    version: PD4ML 381fx2 Pro (eval)
    loading CSS file file:/ekp/resource/style/common/jquery-ui/jquery.ui.css?s_cache=1411009156978
    not yet in cache: file:/ekp/resource/style/common/jquery-ui/jquery.ui.css?s_cache=1411009156978
    /ekp/resource/style/common/jquery-ui/jquery.ui.css (No such file or directory): file:/ekp/resource/style/common/jquery-ui/jquery.ui.css?s_cache=1411009156978
    loading CSS file file:/ekp/sys/attachment/view/img/upload.css?s_cache=1411009156978
    not yet in cache: file:/ekp/sys/attachment/view/img/upload.css?s_cache=1411009156978
    /ekp/sys/attachment/view/img/upload.css (No such file or directory): file:/ekp/sys/attachment/view/img/upload.css?s_cache=1411009156978
    loading CSS file file:/ekp/sys/attachment/js/popup.css
    not yet in cache: file:/ekp/sys/attachment/js/popup.css
    /ekp/sys/attachment/js/popup.css (No such file or directory): file:/ekp/sys/attachment/js/popup.css
    done in 290587ms.
    2014-09-18 11:24:56,333 [INFO] ==== ekp_quartz_thread-pool-7-thread-3: com.landray.kmss.sys.lbpmgs.service.imp.SysPdfExecuteTempServiceImp.execute(57)

    you see ! It’s over 4 minutes, but first running ,this file is only hundred of ms

    so leading to the issue that if I‘m ignore something.


    Hello PD4ML,can you give me any suggestion


    Hmm… Usually 1st request takes some longer (as Java classes need init time etc), after that it should work quicker.

    1. Make sure the application has enough heap size. A JVM parameter -Xmx512m usually works fine.

    2. Try to run v391. It reports now latencies by a loading of external resources, so you’ll be able to locate a slow responding one (if any), or at least to exclude “network delay” as a problem reason.

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