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    Since THEAD is not supported, is there any other way to repeat table headers on each page in pd4ml?


    For the time being it is only possible with pd4ml.enableTableBreaks() API call (or its JSP taglib mapping – a corresponding atribute of ).

    The mode forces PD4ML to repeat all table rows built with



    We tried enableTableBreaks(true) in the API, but it had no effect on the

    -Table-Headers. Our table-headers looks something like: SOME_COLUMN_HEADER_TEXT

    Is there something we have to change to make the table-headers repeated on each page?


    PD4ML does not support

    tag. Table header for PD4ML is the top row (or rows), consists of



    Column caption 1 Column caption 1
    Still table header
    Data 1 Data 2



    Thanks, thats now working. But with one problem:
    When the table-rows consists of

    ‘s that show multiline text (with
    and the page-break is right inside one of this elements, it dosesnt work correctly.
    The new header and the continuation of the text start at the same position and
    overwrite each other.
    Is there any known way in pd4ml to prevent this?
    Some kind of “page-protecton” for a

    for example?

    enableTableBreaks(true) implicitly sets “page-break-inside: avoid” for TR and TABLE elements. If a particular row is broken (by an implicit page break) – that means the table row height exceeds the page height. In the case it simply continues the row content on the next page. In such case PD4ML does not put the table header on the top of the second row part.

    But, as you wrote, it writes the header (and overwrites the content).

    Could you please send to PD4ML support the HTML sources which could help us to reproduce the issue.


    Since our system directly sends the report-information, generated using a html-template-file, from a database to pd4ml using an URL, the html-code itself isn’t saved. If the problem occurs again, I will try to extract the html-code and send it to you.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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