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    The scenario is:

    Domino server 7.0.4 on a RH3 linux server.

    A Lotus Script agent runs a Java agent that produces the PDF file, i.e. the java agent runs in background.

    Not using headless (it always raises an error) but Xvfb.

    The java agent running in background produces a PDF file, non exactly what i want but probabily i can trick with css.

    While producing the file it raises an error
    HTTP JVM: Bad Base64 input character at 0: 37(decimal)

    and leaves a temporary file (e.g. +~JF37255.tmp)

    The java code is basicly the one of the example apart that the ID of the document is given as a parameter for the agent.

    I attach
    – the PDF produced by pd4ml
    – a pdf produced with PDF995
    (I cannot attach the file +~JF37255.tmp because it is 375 Kb big)

    if you have an idea..




    Please contact support pd4ml com for the most actual DXL->HTML XSL stylesheets and other Lotus-related stuff. We constantly improve it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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