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    We are using following html

    • Rely(TM) 60″ x 32″ single-threshold
    • Round shower drain
    • Oblo(R) wall-mount non-diverter

    we are seeing awkwardly bigger bullet points in the generated pdf.. can you help us in controlling size of bullet points?


    Hello, Any update here?

    -Ganesh M.


    Hello PD4ML Team,

    Please help us with the syntax to get bullet points with less size.

    -Ganesh M.


    You can either use images for your bullet points as per the example below:

    myList li {<br /> background: url("bullet.gif") no-repeat left 5px;<br /> padding-left: 1em;<br /> }

    Or apply font-size to the list-item:

    ul.myList li {<br /> list-style-type: disc;<br /> font-size:8px;<br /> }

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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