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    I am testing the Pro Trial version with font “Ming(for ISO10646)”. I added the font in the mapping file but the exported PDF showed “?” for chinese characters.

    From the debug info, noticed that it was looking for the mapping of the mingliu font. So, I added the mapping for mingliu pointing to the ttf file of Ming(for ISO646). Upon export, the chinese characters were exported properly. But the english characters using ming iso font were using a default font I think. Is it hardcoded that chinese characters use mingliu font?

    From the html, all the text were inside a span element with style=”font-family: Ming(for ISO10646); font-size: 12pt;”

    Also, please advise if there is a plan to support TTC files. In the mapping, we can use “mingliu.ttf=ming.ttc,0”, the number is the index of the font in the ttc file.


    I would recommend to generate automates, as described by

    It should create correct mapping, including for TTF collections (.ttc).

    I am not 100% sure if ‘(‘ and ‘)’ does not confuse in font names. Probably it is a good idea to rename the font in the .properties from “Ming(for ISO10646)” to “MingISO10646″ and refer it from the HTML/CSS like

    style=”font-family: MingISO10646; font-size: 12pt;”

    If after that it still does not work, please collect the debug output and send (or publish it here) to support pd4ml com. The font file, source HTML and resulting PDF would help a lot if you send it as an attachment as well.


    Thank you for your reply. It worked after updating to remove ‘()’ from the font name in the input html and mapping file. With this, will the PD4ML library be updated such cases? Thanks.

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