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    Reading this forum, I have learned about the ability to create a custom resource loader. In a separate post, I am trying to make the examples work in my environment. Assuming I get the sample working, I have questions on how this fits into my current environment.

    My belief is that I only need a custom loader to handle the loading of https resources; any other resource (http, relative-paths, local-resources, etc.) I would like to allow PD4ML to use its standard processing. So my question is, can I add a custom loader just for https resources? If not, is there a way from my code to call the pd4ml-resource-loader? ie:

    <br /> if (resource.startsWith("https")){<br /> // my processing code here...<br /> } else {<br /> // something like super.getResourceAsBytes(resource, debug);<br /> }


    Steve B.


    In general PD4ML should work correctly with HTTPS resources by default without custom resource loaders.

    The only exceptions are Weblogic and WebSphere, which implement proprietary SSL layers, not derived from the standard Java classes (and cause ClassCastException)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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