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    We are testing pd4ml-bin-4.0.15fx1.
    We have a jsp from which we want to create a PDF with its html content;
    the content of the jsp is as follows:
    <pd4tl:transform screenWidth=”1024″ pageFormat=”A4″ inline=”false” fileName=”ContractSummary.pdf” >
    <pd4tl:usettf from=”font java path” embed=”1″/>
    <jsp:include page=”/ecm/summary/tableTest.jsp” />
    and tableTest.jsp contains
    <table cellpadding=”1″ cellspacing=”1″>
    <caption class=”accessHidden”>Carlo</caption>
    <th>Milestone Type</th>
    <th>Due Date</th>
    <th>Alert Recipients</th>
    <th>Last Modification Performed by</th>
    <th>Last Mod</th>
    <td>data 1</td>
    <td>data 2</td>
    <td>data 3</td>
    <td>data 4</td>
    <td>data 5</td>
    <td>data 6</td>
    <td>data 7</td>
    <td>data 8</td>
    <td>data 9</td>
    in this way the pdf is produced and downloaded without any problems;
    if, however, we modify the last <th> from
    <th>Last Mod</th>.
    <th>Last Modification</th>.
    the production of the pdf does not complete and remains hanging without error.
    Is this a known problem?
    Is there any way around the problem?



    The reason of the problem seems to be the presence of “!important” in a css file used to define a few styles of our html page.


    Hi! Thank you for your investigation of the issue! Most probably “!important” is not the root cause of the hanging, but the style the directive forces. We’ve started to work on it and we’ll keep you informed.


    Unfortunately the issue is not reproducible in our test environments.

    Could you please share with us:
    1. Successfully created PDF sample (with

    Last Mod

    2. CSS style applied

    Thanks in advance!

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