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    There are major flaws in the support of CSS in the parser that comes by default with pd4ml. For instance, list-style: none attribute and value aren’t listed to for an


      I was looking at other java parsers…is there a way to use a different parser? Why are some of these attributes supposedly “accepted” according to the css support page but really don’t render correctly?


    A replacing of the parser is not a solution. It is not a big deal just to read and parse CSS or HTML. The most important thing is to render document layout, respecting the parsed styles and the document markup.

    PD4ML HTML renderer supports “the most popular” features of HTML and CSS. And the number of the features is quite big. If you dramatically need a support for some more – just send us an HTML/CSS sample. We’ll analyze and make decision to implement the missing features or not.

    Because of generic Java platform restionctions we always need to balance between feature-richness and performance.


    Do you think we may be having problems because we’re streaming text into pd4ml instead of reading from a file? The stylesheet is linked via a tag in the actual HTML we stream. Should I use the API instead and add the stylesheet that way?

    Are there any known issues with CSS and streaming the content instead of reading from a file?


    PD4ML can read source HTML from file, URL or Stream (Reader). Any of the methods works well. If you stream HTML, you may

    • define CSS style inline with
    • use fully specified stylesheet URL (in tag)
    • use reletive path to stylesheet (in the case you need to use render() method with URL base parameter or to specify the base with tag in HTML)
    • explicitly pass style with addStyle() API call

    I’m trying to convert a document that was created from an Excel spreadsheet.
    The html renders fine in IE or Firefox, but the result looks like column widths and spans were ignored. The other noticeable issue is an extra page break at the end.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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