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    I have the following sample HTML:



    In any decent modern browser, this displays the red box with the top 50 pixels cut off. However, when rendered in PD4ML 3.80 (called through the Java API), the red box is displayed in full.

    This is a simplified version of an actual use case we’re encountering, where we have some complicated third-party HTML which relies on the overflow:hidden property to render correctly. The page at claims that the overflow:hidden property should be supported – is this incorrect?


    Any chance of a reply to this?


    Just fixed in the development build.
    To be beta-released in few days.


    Thanks for the response. Was this intended to have been fixed in the recent release (v3.8.0fx5)? The release notes refer to overflow:hidden, but only in reference to footers, and the above html still seems to render the same way with the new package as it did before.


    Should it render somehow else? See attached


    Apologies – it turns out that I hadn’t properly refreshed the package and the old version was still being used. The above html now renders as expected – many thanks!


    Glad you solved the problem!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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