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    I have a webapp that uses JSPs to display “user forms”. I’m using PD4ML to convert these “user forms” to PDF files very similar to the example “PD4ML API calls in your Java application”. This works most of the time, but sometimes PD4ML just generates a blank PDF.

    I can even use the pd4ml.jar GUI app and paste in the (production) URL of a problem form and it simply generates a blank page each time. However, when I save the HTML that is a result of the JSP to a file and load it, the PDF generates fine.

    Is there some way to debug the GUI app to help me see what’s wrong with my JSP, and where does the output go?

    Thanks in advance,


    Please save a blank PDF and send it to support pd4ml com. First we are going to check if the problem is caused by a wrongly applied character set conversion to a binary PDF data.


    I’m facing the same problem….
    I’m having loop for an ArrayList on a JSP….

    But PD4ML is not showing any data to me….

    Only data in

    tags is displayed….

    Please help…
    There must be some solution to this…


    An HTML/JSP and corresponding PDF samples would help a lot to analyze.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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