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    Does this script have multi language support? I want to convert arabic html pages into pdf. Reply me asap.


    Yes. But you need to configure TTF embedding feature:


    Thanks a bunch for fast reply.

    I read the provided article. I want to see some demos of arabic html to pdf convertor then i will purchase it asap.

    Please provide me some links where i can test this like upload some arabic html file and check the converted pdf file (for checking only).


    Unfortunately there is no currently available online service for that.

    If you publish in the topic an URL to convert (or send it to support, I could convert it on one of the development workstations and send you back the conversion result and instructions how to achieve that on your side.


    Can u please convert this html page in pdf and show me the result


    See attached


    Thanks a lot.



    One last question. Can you please tell me the difference between PD4ML Java Library and PD4ML Java Library Pro. I went to buy now page but i was confused which one should i buy?

    Thanks a lot


    PD4ML Std supports only Latin-1 character set. If you have to create Arabic documents of PDFs with special characters – you definitely need PD4ML Pro or any of PD4ML volume licenses.

    In order to create Arabic documents you need to utilize TTF embedding feature of PD4ML: pd4ml-html-css-pdf-tips-tricks-f7/ttf-embedding-t42.html

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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