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    I used the same html resources to convert to pdf
    I use coldfusion for generate the pdf using cfdocument and pd4ml
    but the result is different : see the attachment

    please advice

    thank you


    First, please take a look to the general info, regarding content scaling in PD4ML:

    So to scale the content down, you would need to slightly increase htmlWidth conversion parameter value.

    If gaps between lines are higher than expected, use CSS property “line-height” to adjust.


    thank you,

    right now we’re still using the free pd4ml pro version,
    i found from the forum that we can use setpagesize, sethtmlwidth, etc but it is in the paid version


    Actually there is no free version of PD4ML. There are fully functional evaluation versions: they watermark generated PDFs, but the rest of the functionality is identical to commercial versions of PD4ML.


    yes… sorry… i mean the demo version
    but when i want to use the function setpagesize it wont work


    Why do you think it does not work?
    Generate PDFs with different pageSize parameters and compare the PDF document properties.





    SCREENWIDTH i adjust based on the orientation :
    Portrait :
    Landscape :

    margin i set in each part of the document (header, footer and body)
    because when i set the margin in pageInsets, the header and footer is also affect with the margin setting

    and still the result is different from the pdf render from cfdocument

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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