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    Trying to convert html page (Arabic text) with following with latest version of pd4ml jars:

    It is not considering “direction:rtl”. Is there any work around available.



    Tried with and still not rendering the text from right to left. Appreciation your response.



    please contact support pd4ml com and send the source HTML and the resulting PDF to analyze.


    Attach is the contains HTML and generated pdf file.


    PD4ML provides only very limited support for RTL texts.

    • For the time being it supports only dir=rtl attribute. direction: rtl CSS style is ignored.
    • dir=rtl only changes default text alignment to right and defines start condition for RTL text ligaturizing.
    • dir=rtl currently does not change table columns order and list bullets positions.

    Does PD4ML team plan to make RTL (direction=”rtl”) support more complete in coming weeks/months ?



    We’ll start to work on it from the middle of September.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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