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    i am currently evaluating pd4ml to buy it . but i am facing an issue with arabic in that dir=rtl is not working …. can you please help me . i saw that it should have been fixed since version 3.6 but why i am facing this issue in the evaluwation version



    hey guys ….your support is very slow . please help me here cause i wanna buy the tool directly if this works

    plese plese plese


    For the time being dir=”rtl” attribute specifies only text processing start conditions for RTL script parser/ligaturizer.

    Unfortunately it does not implicitly define text-align: right for block elements (which can be easily achieved with extra CSS styles) and does not changes order of table columns respecting the attribute value.

    In most of the cases RTL texts appear correctly when TTF Embedding feature of PD4ML is enabled.


    thanks for your reply
    i am using TTF embadding and the main problem is that the table columns are never reordered correctly when i set dir to rtl .
    any way can you please answer the below

    1) is there a way i can change the direction programitacally Using PD4ML API

    2) when are you going to fully support this . i need languages other English and i am worried that you dont support such attributes like dir=rtl . it should change the order of the columns

    3) also why you dont have roadmap plans . so that we know when you are going implement .

    I really need a workaround please if i want to buy this library. i will buy it directly if i get this fixed because

    please let me get a quick answer


    why the support is very slow


    We need some time to estimate efforts and to find a timeframe when the feature could be implemented. I’ll let you know in 3-4 hours.

    Currently there is no workaround for the table column order issue.


    thank you for your reply
    but i think you should remove it from the list of supported Html list cause its not fully supported and that is misleading just as what happened with me . also i will wait for your reply and i hope you have good news

    thank you very much


    Is it marked as supported?

    It is only mentioned by tag reference, and tells:
    dir=”direction for weak/neutral text”

    (which matches the current functionality)


    ok thank you . but please update me on when its gonna be implemented to change the direction for columns so that i can decide weather i should look for options other than PD4ML or wait for PD4ML

    thank you


    The table column order switch is going to be implemented with the next maintenance release (in about one week). “List bullets/numbers right side” is probably too.

    We expect some minor issues to remain (however solvable with HTML coding workarounds).


    thank you

    so you mean i will get an evaluation release in about one week that supports dir=”rtl” and specially column reordering which i can evaluate before i buy the library .

    if nothing more than one week from now then i will wait . please confirm

    thank you


    Yes, the evaluation version will be illustrative.

    If you want to test an interim build contact support pd4ml com on Monday


    The forthcoming version is intended to resolve the issue.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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