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    Hi ,
    I have a requirement to generate pdf files daily and to display dynamically with the current date every time the PDF is opened. I want to embed javascript in the pdf which displays the current date whenever customer opens the pdf file . Is there any way to do this at the pdf creation time ( similar to permissions)? please let me know how can we accompalish this.



    Currently the feature is not supported.

    We’ll investigate today if PD4ML architecture would allow to embed JavaScript to generated PDFs in principle.


    We successfully prototyped the feature and were able to auto-insert the date info into a form field. Unfortunately we did not enabled the feature in the just-released v380fx2, as there was not enough time to extensively test it. It is going to be available with the next beta-release of PD4ML.

    FYI: we achieved that with
    [language=Java:11vnygw9]this.getField(“i1”).value = new Date().toDateString()[/language:11vnygw9]
    JavaScript code, assigned to OpenAction of PDF.

    The source HTML document supposed to define:

    PD4ML must explicitly enable PDF form output:
    [language=java:11vnygw9]pd4ml.generatePdfForms(true, null);[/language:11vnygw9]


    thanks for the response.

    So When can we excpect this new beta-release of PD4ML? Also please let me know how can we assign javascript to OpenAction of pdf programatically.



    Currently the method signature is like that:
    public void addDocumentActionHandler( String actionType, String javaScript );
    We’ll see during the testing if any extra parameters are needed.

    We could send you a development version to test closer to the end of the next week.


    I couldn’t see any beta-release last week of pd4ml which incorporates adding javascript to pdf. If you can provide by this week it will be helpful.



    Most probably it will be available for download tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

    If you want to test the actual development build right now – please send a request to support pd4ml com


    I have recieved development version and it’s working fine as per my requirement. Thanks a lot for the support.
    Please let me know when can i expect the next beta release with this functionality so that i can find a workaround( till next beta release).


    It is going to be released this week.


    Can we expect new beta release by this week? It would be of great help if you can release by this week.


    We found that the font of the form field value is arial where as the font of the remaining PDF is TimesNewRoman. I tried to change the font by using the font tags before the from field as shown below but couldnt able to do.

    Please let me know how can i change the font to TimesNewRoman.



    > great help if you can release by this week.

    Hopefully it is not too late… We’ve just released v380fx3


    Thanks for the v380fx3 release,

    when i use the below html form field to display in pdf, and using javascript i have to populate the date in the form field which comes as a superscript instead of comming in the same line.

    See the below example.

    Ex: February 1, 2012,
    daily periodic rates are based on the Index Rate as of and are estimates.

    I want the date (February 1, 2012,) to come in the same line. I can do this by seeting the size of the input field,but if i increase the size a gap apeears between the current line and next line.
    How can i handle this? also please let me know how can i change the font of the input text variable to times new roman which is by defalut Arial.


    The trick with dynamic date utilizes PDF form fields. Currently PD4ML has no impact to the fields style (except box size). There are also other known issues – for example if the text to be shown in the field is too long, Acroread decreases its font size to make the text fit the space, which may appear unexpected.

    We plan to investigate into the issue next week on Thursday. Hopefully we’ll find a solution.


    Hi, I have a requirement which says to stop displaying current date whenever pdf is saved . Is there any action type associated for save (like saveaction similar to openaction) event?

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