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    Background: Purchased volume license for the pd4ml .net library

    Want to know if the pd4ml support the bootstrap.js and other styling libraries?

    If Yes, how to integrate.. any guide available?
    If No, any plans to support this in future?

    -Ganesh M.


    Any quick help here is greatly helpful


    Initially PD4ML was seen not as a HTML capture, but PDF authoring tool, which uses a subset of HTML/CSS to define document layout. As our current HTML renderer has a number of limitations, we do not expect it will convert an arbitrary web page perfectly – it expects the source HTML is designed or refined bearing in mind PD4ML.

    The situation is going to change with forthcoming PD4ML v4 release. Unfortunately a .NET port from Java will take some time and be published later.


    SO it does mean that Bootstrap like libraries are not allowed.. may I know if the stylesheets are supported?

    if yes is there a special way to use them or can we do a css file include in the html and feed it as an input to the pd4ml library and expect to work seamlessly?


    Any update here?


    Hello, Could someone respond?

    -Ganesh M.


    A typical Bootstrap HTML layout utilizes some features, which are currently not supported by PD4ML (i.e. rounded borders, specially styled lists etc). The features will be addressed by new PD4ML versions.



    any commitment on the timeline?

    -Ganesh M.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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