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    PD4ML allows you to secure your PDF documents with 40-bit/128-bit encryption. You can disable printing, modifications or extracting of text content, you can lock your PDF with a password.

    PD4ML API call example:

    [language=java:1n84lpj4]htmlConverter.setPermissions( “empty”,
    PD4Constants.AllowAnnotate | PD4Constants.AllowAssembly |
    PD4Constants.AllowContentExtraction | PD4Constants.AllowCopy |
    PD4Constants.AllowFillingForms | PD4Constants.AllowModify |
    PD4Constants.AllowPrint, true);[/language:1n84lpj4]

    The constants in the sample above represent integer values. If you use PD4ML JSP taglib you would need to pass the sum of the permission constant values.


    The values correspond to the values defined in Adobe PDF specification and may be also taken from there.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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