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    Is there a way to embed an entire font in the PDF rather than just a subset? We are evaluating the software, and are likely going to purchase for an adding an upcoming feature to our product. This is one of the requirements.

    I currently am able to embed the font, but I can only get it to embed a subset. We have our fonts installed in a system directory and are using PD4ML through the java API:

    <br /> // FontUtil is our own internal class<br /> pd4ml.useTTF(FontUtil.getFontsDirectory().getAbsolutePath(), true);<br />

    The resulting PDF seems to just have subsets. If I open in Adobe reader and click File > Properties > Fonts, I see something like: CourierNewPSMT_PDF_Subset (Embedded)

    Is there anything I can do through the java API to embed the entire font?

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