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    we have a problem when we try to convert html code which contains SVG images. For some images (apparently those that use a clip-path), the following content is rendered incorrectly (seems to be mirrored vertically). One example that causes the headline to be rendered incorrectly is the following html code:

    <br /> <html><br /> <body><br /> <svg<br /> xmlns=""<br /> xmlns:xlink=""<br /> version="1.1"<br /> width="59.4"<br /> viewBox="0 0 59.4 57.9"<br /> height="57.9"<br /> ><br /> <g><br /> <clipPath<br /> id="SVGID_10_"><br /> <path<br /> d="M.6 29.4h58.1v26.9H.6z" /><br /> </clipPath><br /> <path<br /> clip-path="url(#SVGID_10_)"<br /> d="M10.4 30s-9.3 0-9.3 9.3v7.3s0 9.3 9.3 9.3h38.5s9.3 0 9.3-9.3v-7.3s0-9.3-9.3-9.3H10.4z" /><br /> </g><br /> </svg><br /> <br /> <h1>Headline</h1><br /> </body><br /> </html><br /> <br />

    This looks like a bug in pd4ml. Please let me know if there is something else you need from us.

    Thank you and regards,


    PD4ML implements SVG support with some limitations. However your sample seems to be quite basic. We’ll address the issue this week.


    Thank you!


    The issue has been already fixed in the DEV build.

    Please contact support pd4ml com if you would like to test.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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