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    PDF files generated using PD4ml in c# are not opening sometimes in Adobe reader. But when second time if I generate PDF once again it will be opened in Adobe reader.
    So I cant understand the reason for this issue. No exception is catched in catch statement.


    It would help a lot if you capture and send to us a sample of “not-openable” PDF for an analyze.


    I’ve got the error for not opening PDF file. When file is created using PD4ml it is opened somewhere in system by any process. Now, Is that possible for me to open that file which already used by another process?. Is that possible that file is locked by that process that’s why I can’t open it?


    I am afraid we cannot help you with the issue analyze, based on that limited information.

    Probably there are PDF viewer application, which cannot open already opened PDFs. Acroread usually locks an opened PDF file for overwriting/modifying. But as a rule it does not block a reading by other processes.


    I’ve got a temporary solution that when I’m rendering PDF file using pd4ml.render(),
    the memory stream I’m using is defined under ‘using(){}’ keyword.
    like following:
    <br /> using(MemoryStream stream=new MemoryStream(path,FileMode.CreateNew))<br /> {<br /> pd4ml.Render(path,stream);<br /> }<br />

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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