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    i have an application where the customer gets a orderlist as a pdf after he ordered something. I am using pd4ml for this. However, the Euro signs (€) show up as questionmarks. I’ve tried charset from iso 8859-1 over 8859-15 to UTF-8, nothing of these work. As in HTML, you can use the html entities like: € , which didn’t work. The list of things i’ve tried is here:

    € –

    € –
    € –
    € –

    I am using pd4ml with an PHP application and changed even the header information to the charset accordingly, nothing worked. I downloaded the latest recomended version from the website.

    Can someone please share some information, how i can work around this?

    Kind Regards


    By default PD4ML converts to PDF characters, belong to Latin-1 charset only using built-in Adobe fonts (Helvetica, Times New Roman and Courier New). In order to output national or special characters you would need to configure and utilize TTF embedding feature. See:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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