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    I ran into the following issue using containers that float in combination with margin-left and %-based distances (in 3.9.9fx3a1).
    The CSS I use looks like
    <br /> .container {<br /> float: left;<br /> width: 20%;<br /> margin-left: 5%; // not for the first container<br /> }<br /> <br /> <div class="container">1</div>...<br />

    however the margin-left seems to be ignored (well – actually it just seems to be really, really small). If I set margin-left to some pixel value it ends up clearly visible in the generated pdf. The difference can be seen here:

    I tried changing float to inline-block, but the result did not change. If I set margin-left to 100% the margin between the containers is visible – though I do not know where it takes the original width from.

    Is this something that is known and / or is there any way to work around this (while still maintaining %-based values and a non-table approach)? Maybe there is something in the documentation that I missed?

    Best regards and have a nice day!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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