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    Dear PD4ML,

    I’m having another problem with the font style override. Here’s an example to illustrate the problem
    <br /> <html><br /> <head><br /> <style><br /> .root span,p {<br /> font-family:inherit;<br /> }<br /> </style><br /> </head><br /> <br /> <body><br /> <br /> <div style='font-family:tahoma;'><br /> <P>The Secure Application Development Business Security Standard (BSS)<br /> </div><br /> <br /> </body><br /> </html><br />

    The generated PDF will use the default font family, instead of tahoma. If I switch the p and span in the style definition, then it works.
    <br /> .root p,span {<br /> font-family:inherit;<br /> }<br />

    This problem seems similar to the one described in thread html-css-to-pdf-rendering-issues-f3/font-size-x-large-t121.html

    Your kind assistance in resolving this issue will be much appreciated.

    Best regards,

    — jerry

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