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    Hello. I’m trying to get a footer for the last page.

    I can do a footer for each page (appears nicely at the bottom)
    I can do a footnote for the last page (appears only on the last page)

    How do I combine them?

    I want the footnote to be at the bottom, I tried this:

    <pd4ml:footnote noref="true"><br /> <pd4ml:page.footer><br /> Last page footer content goes here.<br /> </pd4ml:page.footer><br /> </pd4ml:footnote>

    But it still doesn’t do what I want. I could do with scope=”lastpage” if I’m honest with you. But I’ve read somewhere that its fundamentally difficult. So any advice I would really appreciate on how to get this to work as desired.


    Sometime ago we discussed scope=”lastpage” feature.
    Probably you’ve seen the topic before.


    Yep, I read that and that’s where I got the


    from, but it doesn’t put the content at the very bottom of the page, which is what I need. I tried applying this css to the div that contained the footer:

    bottom: 0px;<br /> position: fixed;

    But still no…


    Try to set bottom margin (inset) to 0 for the entire document. That results the footnote to be moved to the very bottom.

    Instantly after tag or before put

    [language=xml:1i6wu2la]   or other placeholder to allocate some bottom margin space for all pages, except the last one [/language:1i6wu2la]


    Thanks, see here:

    See if you can get the FOOTER text to be anchored at the bottom?

    Thanks for your help…


    This is what I get from pd4ml


    Yes, I see. It was a good theoretical workaround, but unfortunately on practice it does not work. Obviously there is a bug in our code, which makes a footnote depend on the footer appearance.

    We’ll check if there is a quick solution.


    Thanks very much


    Have you had any joy?


    A solution will be available with the forthcoming beta release.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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