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    I wanted to try an application using pd4ml on Google App Engine. Apparently pd4ml uses at least one class that is retricted: java.awt.Dimension

    It is not listed here:

    – Is compatibility with GAE on the road map for p4ml?
    – What other classes will be a problem with GAE?

    Any tips on how to proceed?

    Greetz Erik


    The error I receive:

    java.awt.Dimension is a restricted class. Please see the Google App Engine developer’s guide for more details.

    The code used to generate the error:

    PD4ML pd4ml = new PD4ML();


    It would be nice if a list of dependent classes not on the GAE whitelist would be posted to or


    PD4ML utilizes many AWT classes, so there is no easy way to implement GAE compatibility.

    PD4ML architecture consists of two layers: HTML renderer and PDF output pseudo-device. The “pseudo-device” implements java.awt.Graphics which makes possible to “print” rendered document layout to a buffered image, for example. Or to capture any graphics output and to generate a PDF from it. A compatibility with GAE would require to sacrifice a lot of useful functions. Also I expect some troubles with TTF fonts.


    Does pd4ml API support Google App-Engine (GAE) for java?..Anybody Please respond for it soon..


    PD4ML relies on AWT, which is not offered by GAE. So the answer is ‘no’



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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