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    Hi, I generated a pdf file with headers and footers but when rotating a page, the headers and footers are also rotated. How to avoid header and footer rotation when switching from landscape to portrait orientation ?

    PD4ML version : 4.0.9fx5 (also tried with 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT)

    Thank you for your help

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    Hi! I assume you rotate the page layout with
    <pd4ml:page.break pageFormat="rotate">

    <pd4ml:page.break pageFormat="reset">

    To prevent the headers and footers from rotating, you do not need to rotate the page layout, but simply change the page format to landscape. Unfortunately, for the time being this is only possible if you specify explicit dimensions in points. For example, landscape format A4:
    <pd4ml:page.break pageFormat="842x595">


    The latest v4.0.15fx2 snapshot build adds a new landscape option for convenience to change the page orientation without rotating the header and footer: <pd4ml:page.break pageFormat="A4,landscape">


    It works fine, thanks a lot for your help.


    I have the same issue, could you tell when the version v4.0.15fx2 will be released?


    Hi! It is to be released within the next 10 days.

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