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    Dear Support,
    We raised a ticket HELPD-249 for Performance degradation when migrated from PD4ML 3.x to 4.x on 10th of Feb 2021.
    We didn’t receive any resolution on this ticket.
    Are we missing any details to simulate the issue?
    Can you explain why there is a delay or any immediate work around to resolve this issue?

    Below is the summary from the original mail sent to the support.
    The same HTML input file was used to simulate the following tests with different versions of pd4ml

    Command line results:
    110.67s for 4.0.9fx4-SNAPSHOT
    173.83s for pd4ml4.0.9fx3
    29.52s for pd4ml3.10.5

    Test from java code:
    43.48s for 4.0.9fx4-SNAPSHOT
    67.85s for pd4ml4.0.9fx3
    38.15s for pd4ml3.10.5

    On an average, we see pd4ml 4.x version takes 2x more time when compared with 3.x


    The test document you send us to illustrate HELPD-249 hits performance limits of our CSS cascading engine (complex CSS constructs need to be applied to a big document). PD4ML v3 had a simplified support of CSS selectors, so quite a lot of CSS rules were silently omitted – that explains the performance degradation.
    As you see, we’ve already done some CSS engine optimization (4.0.9fx4 vs. 4.0.9fx3). But a more serious CSS cascading logic revision on architectural level is planned to v4.1.x. We returned to work on v4.1.0 few weeks ago.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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