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    When I’ve been printing my PDF, the plugin do the flatten page by page and becouse of that, this processes seems slowly to our costumers.
    How can I flatten all “layers” and watermark images after or during pdf generation. Is it possible?


    I think, the term “flatten” is mostly applicable to raster media, when PDF is a vector format. I have no idea what would mean to flatten, for example, two line drawling commands line(0,0,100,100) and line(0,100,100,0)…

    PD4ML allows to convert source HTML to “flatten’ raster images, but in print scenarios the approach would make not much sense, because of print quality losses and bulky files.

    I would suspect the slow print is caused by an exceeding of printer memory with big PDF print jobs. How big an average PDF file in the problem cases?


    The slowly problem to print occurs when we send the PDF file to print on local machine, only if there is any kind/size of image as water mark.
    The size of PDF is 400kb, but it have 3 minutes to flatten all pages (page by page, with message on local user screen), and after that, the printer prints normally.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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