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    TR {page-break-inside: avoid} CSS definition is intended to protect table rows from being broken.

    PD4ML also provides a limited experimental support for table header replication:

    You need to invoke pd4ml.enableTableBreaks(true) method (or to set enableTableBreaks attribute of ) – it implicitly defines page-break-inside: avoid for

    elements and replicates the table heading row(s) to the tops of all table parts. (heading row there is a row, which consists of

    elements only)

    In both of the cases the table border and the table background can not reflect the splits on

    level. So the best way is to disable the table border and background and to define borders and background colors for single cells.

    [language=css:3dp2l7e3]TD { border: 1px solid red }
    TABLE { border: none; border-collapse: collapse }[/language:3dp2l7e3]


    While using enableSmartBreakTable, I am getting unwanted space between header and data from the second page of the portlet.

    In the first page for the same portlet it is good. Kindly help me with a best solution ASAP


    Can someone please help me on the above issue.


    More Inputs:

    I am using the below two options for making header for the same portlet to appear on each page if data exceeds the page

    pd4ml.addStyle(“TABLE,DIV {page-break-inside: auto !important}”, true);

    This option is working with datagrid with normal header. But when it comes with multiple level of headers(mix of headers), then the issues arises.

    Example Grid:

    The above options is working for the below format
    Header1 Header2 header 3
    data1 data2 data3

    the above option does not work for the option

    Header1 header2 GroupHeader1 GroupHeader2
    Header3 Header4 Header5 Header6 Header7
    data1 data2 data3 data4 data5 data6 data7


    I am afraid PD4ML cannot replicate multiple levels of headers from page to page.

    Currently as a table header it interprets the first table rows, consist of

    elements only.

    tags or similar are not supported.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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