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    Currently we are evaluating this product for converting HTML files to PDF files. While converting one of our html files, we are having the following problems:

    1) It seems like pd4ml doesn’t like the following line and giving us error “Warning: Invalid syntax in CSS selector: “A.small:Link”

    A.small:Link,A:.small:Visited {font: 8pt Arial; color: #000099;}

    2) The following code should put the table at lower left side of the page but it is placing on upper left side of the page:

    Your trade detail can be retrieved in electronic format at the following address:


    The password for this file is: ABC

    Please advise if above issues can be resolved.



    1. PD4ML supports only “first-child” pseudo-class selectors.

    2. The issue is fixed by v360b1


    Using demo version v360b1.

    Regarding table position issue – now table is appearing on the middle of second page instead of the bottom of first page. Any help/fix will be highly appreciated.



    Please take into account: with the absolute coordinates you position the table in HTML document, not on a PDF page. After PD4ML rendered the HTML it maps it to the chosen page format. HTML-to-PDF scale is calculated like that:

    scale = (pageFormat.width – insets.left – insets.right) / htmlWidth

    If your table does not fit the first page, that means the scale is too big. Try to reduce it by increasing of htmlWidth rendering parameter (pd4ml.setHtmlWidth()) in small steps until the table is placed as expected on the PDF page.


    Thanks for your reply.

    The table is fitting in the first page and displayed correctly in IE. I played around with htmlWidth and table’s absolute coordinates but did’t work. Here are my pd4ml constants:

    protected Dimension format = PD4Constants.A4;
    protected boolean landscapeValue = false;
    protected int topValue = 6;
    protected int leftValue = 6;
    protected int rightValue = 6;
    protected int bottomValue = 6;
    protected String unitsValue = “mm”;

    I am sending html code to your support team. Please advise.

    BTW: we have pretty much decided to go with this product and will be buying soon.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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