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    The HTML we process using PD4ML Pro v3.8.1fx2 may contain HTML entities. However, these entities are not converted to characters in the PDF that is rendered. Rather than PD4ML rendering “Something Quoted”, we see "Something Quoted". Is this a configuration that we have overlooked?


    PD4ML resolves entities by default. If it appears in resulting PDF as

    "Something Quoted"

    I would suspect, it comes to PD4ML in a form

    "Something Quoted"

    Make sure, that the framework/tool, which produces HTML, does not substitutes ‘&’ occurrences with the corresponding entity on-a-fly.


    Product Name:

    Order Id:

Coupon Code:


    There is no HTML entities in the code above.

    Constructs like are to be substituted with HTML by a PHP runtime before the document is passed to PD4ML.

    Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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