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    What kind of Hyphenation is supported by PD4ML?

    lets assume we have fixed width div box with text in it, is there a way to either automatically or semi-automatically (i.e. ­?) apply hyphenation?

    Thanks for your help!

    Reto Schüttel


    ­ entity (as many other standard ones) is automatically replaced with character code #173


    Thanks for your fast reply!

    Yes, but there is no line-break. As far as I understand ­ should be a hint to the text-layouting engine that this place can either break (using a -) or ignore it (and not rendering the char at all).

    But it looks like PD4ML doesn’t support that. Is there an easy way to implement something similar/like that?

    – is it possible to somehow query/ask the rendering system if it overflows in that particular div? (I guess not)
    – is there way to not overflow at all? Just add a linebreak after the last possible character in a div?
    – would it be possible to add an ‘optional’ zero-width linebreak?



    To clarify, I’m currently struggeling with a single word which is longer than the div’s width. And unfortunatly overflowing is not an option. I realize that this is form the usual ‘text-flow’ problem.



    Try to define “word-wrap: break-word” CSS property for the DIV. It should help to some extend.

    We’ll check what is wrong with ­


    Oh, I didnt know word-wrap! This, is better than overflowing, but if you could get ­ working (or something similar, zero-width-optional-line-breaker) it would be great!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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