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    I can not parse thai font with taglib but on pd4ml.render() is worked.

    I have a license of pd4ml and waiting for your answer since last friday(24.06.16).

    So that I think I should ask on this forum better.

    ======== my code ===========
    Dear PD4ML Team

    I have coded program with jsp language and found this code could not show the right character.
    So that I would like to ask how I code the right way?

    By the way, when I coded with java below it shows right font.
    File tempFile = File.createTempFile( “pd4ml”, “.pdf” ); fos = new tempFile );

    PD4ML pd4ml = new PD4ML();
    pd4ml.setHtmlWidth( 800 );
    pd4ml.useTTF( “/Volumes/Macintosh HD BK/project/convertpdf/fonts”, true );
    pd4ml.render( “”);

    For JSP I follow these step below

    1. First step: This is file jsp

    <%@ taglib uri="/pd4ml" prefix="pd4ml" %><%@page contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8"%><%String aim="Aimmy ศาธิญา";%>
    <%=aim %>

    Insert title here

    1.Hello <%=aim %>

    2.Hello, New Page! สวัสดี

    3.Hello, New Page! สวัสดีจ้า

    4.Hello, New Page! สวัสดีจ้า

    5.Hello, New Page! สวัสดีจ้า

    Step 2 and 5 is in attached file
    2. [attachment=1:zlpdssy9]Screen Shot 2559-06-24 at 3.04.51 PM.png[/attachment:zlpdssy9]

    3. Third step: This is file

    Arial Italic=ArialItalic.ttf
    Arial Bold=ArialBold.ttf
    Arial Bold Italic=ArialBoldItalic.ttf
    Tahoma Bold=Tahoma Bold.ttf

    4. Fourth step: web.xml


    5.[attachment=0:zlpdssy9]Screen Shot 2559-06-24 at 3.10.14 PM.png[/attachment:zlpdssy9]

    ========end my code =========

    Thank you.

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