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    i have bought PD4ML since more then one time and and i am facing a big issue in one font . i have embedded about 10 fonts and one of them is not working properly . the font gets loaded but characters are not showing correctly . the font is called simplified Arabic and i took it from windows fonts folder ….. so please can you give me any hint please



    PD4ML (or Java in general) supports Unicode-conformant TTF fonts only (whose glyph mappings are stored in the ‘cmap’ table). It is true for most of the modern fonts, but there are still many legacy fonts, which do not fulfill the requirement. Obviously the problematic font is one of them.

    The fonts cannot be used with PD4ML (or Java) as is. I would recommend to open and save as TTF again using free Fontforge utility.

    (google for a preconfigured FontForge + Cygwin with the following keyword: “fontforge-mingw_2008_11_21“)

    A better solution is to find a newer Unicode-conformant substitution font for it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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