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    Good morning, we are experiencing issues with font families and input text fields. When we view the HTML, the input text fields have the font correctly applied, but when we generate the PDF, the fields are displayed with a default font. We are using version 4.1.0-SNAPSHOT. We have attached both the original HTML, the generated PDF, and the fonts. Please note that we are not including the <style> part of the HTML within the body; instead, we are using the parameter pd4ml.addStyle(css, true).

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    Historically, PD4ML only allows you to define the form font for an entire document through API call parameters:

    public void generateForms(boolean enable, String useTtfFont);
    public void generateForms(boolean enable, String useTtfFont, String formFontCharRange)

    However, there are no longer technical reasons to maintain the restriction. We’ll look into adding the ability to override the font via CSS


    Hello, we have this font in our file:
    Calibre\ Black=Calibre-Black.ttf
    We are using the method like this: pd4ml.generateForms(true, “Calibre Black”); but we are not getting the correct font to display (that font is used in texts outside of input fields and is drawn correctly)

    Is there something misconfigured in the properties file or in the way you are calling the method?


    We need time to take a closer look at this issue. I was able to reproduce something similar: internally the PDF looks correct and has the correct font links, but Acrobat falls back to Arial/Helvetics. We’ll let you know asap.


    Good afternoon, do you have any news about when this case can be resolved? We have a pending project related to this, and we are very interested in knowing how it is progressing. Thank you.


    Unfortunately the task still has “In progress” status. Till end of the week we’ll make a decision regarding new maintenance build release and features/bugfixes it includes. Hopefully this issue will be in the list. We’ll let you know

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